Aug 29, 2017

Rape is only uncomfortable at the beginning. Once the **** is inside, the woman will become calm.

Sometimes a newsitem needs to be read at least twice, before you can even start to believe it. It’s that shocking. Like this one.

Italy, Rimini, one of the most popular cities along the adriatic coast. During the early hours on Saturday August 26., two young tourists from Poland are taking a stroll along the beach. Suddenly they get surrounded by 4 young men, originating from Northern Africa. The men first attack the male tourist in a most violent way. Only seconds later they force him to watch while they rape the girl.

Like taken from a horror movie: as the young tourists try to find their way back to the hotel, they encounter a prostitute who is working the street along the beach. They beg her to help them. The woman later reports: ‘I thought I had seen it all, working during the night here at the coastline. But this was the worst by far: both looked like they were beaten to death. Covered in blood, faces swollen. He was only wearing his underwear and she was wearing his clothes*. I immediately called the police.’

*As it turned out, the guy had offered his clothes to his female friend, so she would not have to cross the streets, naked.

Of course, this is on the news constantly, here in Italy. And with the social media, people can comment, as did a certain Abid Jee (24) a law student from Bologna (about an hour by train from Rimini). Abid is also working at a cultural integration institute. He is helping foreigners to settle in Italy/Europe. His comment to the horrible event: ‘Rape is uncomfortable at the beginning. But once the dick is inside, the woman will relax and enjoy the sexual experience as if it was voluntarily.’

And that is not all.
Because of the flood of negative reactions to this comment, Abid Jee adds: ‚They always accuse the immigrants.‘ So far nobody knows what he meant by that. What we do know: he has been suspended by his employer.

The 4 north africans have been arrested. On the same night they attacked another person. This attack got filmed by security cameras.